Developers API For Vehicle Data

A simple vehicle registration lookup API that provides a vast range of vehicle data from numerous different data points in Japan, UK, USA and Malaysia.

Only pay for what you need

The API gives you the option to choose which products you would like to integrate in your service and only pay for those.

Low Price Per Request

We believe we are fairly priced and never charge more. Cheaper depending on volume.


A standard HTTP GET request is all it takes to receive vehicle data.

Fast Response Time

Vehicle data queries return in milliseconds, not seconds.

An API for developers that want to

  • Let users perform vehicle identification (vin) lookups.
  • Provide customers with vehicle history checks.
  • Offer customers peace of mind when buying a used vehicle.
  • Access 4 fruitful datasets from Japan, UK, USA and Malaysia.
  • Not over pay for vehicle data.
  • Validate vehicles.


We currently offer 4 different datasets which are the same as we offer here on the otofacts website, these checks are vehicle checks for Japan, UK, USA and Malaysia. Our data api and datasets are ideal for developers that want to integrate vehicle checking into their own websites, mobile apps and applications.


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